About Us

Young Red Angus strives to provide customers with genetics that will excel not only with longevity in their herd but performance in carcass merit.

Traditional farmers, Young Red Angus is at the forefront of raising cattle on cover crops in Western Kansas. Knowing that our cattle are being raised on high quality forages we have bought the base of our herd from programs that push their cattle to the extreme. What has resulted for us is being able to select cattle that will perform in multiple environments.

We focus on wide body dams that have good feet, udders and legs with a gentle disposition. We want our cows to last and produce calves with exceptional carcass merit. Young Red Angus offers fancy Red Angus replacement heifers in the spring, Quality Red Angus bred heifers and since 2017 Young Red Angus has been a proud co-operator with Kravig Red Angus.

Young Red Angus
558 Road D
Tribune KS 67879
Facebook @youngredangus

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