Bred Heifers

All of the Bred heifers we offer are cattle we would be proud to keep in our own commercial program. We only offer you the best. Our heifers are culled for feet, legs, disposition.

Our heifers will be AIed to Deliverance and cleaned up with his sons. Deliverance is a proven herd sire that produces calves in the top 1% of the red angus breed for low birth weight. Though he is a calving ease bull, his calves have exceptional growth from birth to weaning. He also scores in the top 1% for Herd Builder, Grid Master, and Stay ability. A true do everything bull he is at the cornerstone of our Bred Heifer program.

For more information on bred heifers for sale contact Jay Young

Young Red Angus
558 Road D
Tribune KS 67879
Facebook @youngredangus

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